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Appointing the right advisor on Tax Planning is vitally important. Minimising the tax liability for our clients is something SMH Financial Services value highly, as we fully understand how hard individuals have worked to accrue their wealth.

We advise our clients on the considerations and steps they need to take when making a financial decision, specifically on tax implications that may impact both their investments, wealth and other assets. Our specialists are well tuned with all the available allowances and we will always to take time to fully understand personal situations before advising on the best course of action.

We work very closely with SMH Chartered Accountants and SMH Wills and Probate so in unison we cover a number of key tax-planning areas such as:

Income Tax

Capital Gains Tax

Inheritance Tax Planning

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Please Note The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some form of Tax Advice.

If you would like to arrange an initial meeting with one of our financial advisers, please contact the SMH Financial Services team on or 0114 266 4432.