Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is designed to meet the cost of providing private medical health care for acute conditions. This will help you to avoid NHS queues and allows you to receive speedy medical treatment in private and comfortable surroundings.

There are various types of cover to choose from ranging from core to comprehensive. The various options include the following:

  • In-patient cover
  • Out-patient cover
  • Therapies cover
  • Psychiatric cover
  • Private GP Helpline
  • Cancer cover
  • Dental cover
  • Worldwide travel cover

There are two underwriting methods by which an insurance company can offer PMI. These are known as a ‘moratorium’ or ‘fully underwritten’.

With a moratorium scheme, you do not have to provide detailed medical information; however, pre-existing conditions are not covered, unless you have been symptom or treatment free for a period of between generally 3 to 5 years.

With fully underwritten schemes, you are asked a number of medical questions and the insurer will offer cover according to your medical history. This could mean that certain pre-existing conditions will not be covered.

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