How Are We Paid?

On receiving an enquiry we will invite you to our offices for a preliminary meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to establish whether we are able to assist you with your needs and objectives and to discuss the range of services we offer and provide.

There is no charge for this initial meeting whatever the outcome.

Once we have identified your objectives and assessed the work involved we will be in a position to provide details of the fees we would charge should you wish to proceed.

Some financial solutions/products (mainly life and financial protection products) still pay commission. With investment solutions we charge fees which are paid direct to us, or which can occasionally be facilitated by the investment company by deduction from the initial investment. Sometimes we can be paid by a combination of fees and commission.

Fees can either be a fixed amount or percentage for a specific undertaking, or based on time spent and evaluated at an hourly rate.

Whether we take our remuneration by way of commission or fees will be a matter of discussion and agreement, and no charges or fees will be made without prior agreement in writing.

Full details of our fees will be disclosed in a document titled ‘about our services and costs’ which will be presented to you at our first appointment.