Strategic Planning

At SMH Chartered Accountants, we can help our clients ensure their business decisions take both short term and long term considerations in mind. Short term planning is often described as ‘management by crisis’, which is a little unfair to many businesses, which continue profitably with little consideration for the future. However, all businesses must, at some stage, take stock and look at the road ahead.

We actively encourage this through our strategic planning solution which involves one of our senior experienced personnel facilitating client meetings at which stakeholders and senior staff set the future plans and a cycle for measurement, monitoring and refining.

The strategic plan is not restricted to financial matters. It will include the most important and relevant factors through the whole business e.g. sales, production capacity and personnel requirements.

Ownership of the future plan will be with those who set it, the stakeholders and senior staff. Their involvement and responsibility for the plan will help drive the business forward in the right direction.

Less formal strategic planning can also be undertaken, during meetings, where we will objectively comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the business, allowing the owners the opportunity to assess whether change is required.

Please contact our experts to find out more about our strategic planning services.