The UK has more pages of tax statute than any other country in the world: 17,000 and counting. Finding chartered tax advisers with a real understanding of all that law, who can help with your tax planning needs and compliance obligations, and communicate their recommendations clearly, is becoming ever more essential.

At SMH Chartered Accountants our tax professionals are Chartered Tax Advisers who are members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, the only professional body in the UK that is dedicated solely to tax, and the gold standard for advisers dealing with all aspects of taxation.

The tax advice you will get from us will be clearly explained and effective, it will represent great value for money, and it will be delivered personally by the partner responsible for your affairs.

In summary, the tax advice you will get from us is as good as it gets.



Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is payable when assets are ‘disposed of’ at a profit

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Corporation Tax

Corporation tax is the tax that companies and other ‘corporate bodies’ pay on their profits from trading and investments, and as such it can significantly reduce the amounts that are available to distribute to stakeholders if timely and appropriate advice is not sought and taken.


Income Tax & National Insurance

Income Tax is by far the largest source of tax revenue for the UK government, it accounts for 27% of the total of all tax collected. National Insurance is the government’s second largest tax take at 19%. That makes 46% of total tax revenues between them, whilst Corporation Tax (which multi-nationals and private ltd companies alike all pay) makes up just 6%.

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Property Taxation

Property Tax is an area Sutton McGrath Hartley specialises in, we advise our clients on the various intricacies that the complex world of Property Tax involves. It is essential as either a commercial or residential property owner you get the right advice at the right time, to avoid the headache of paying more than you need to. Just some of the areas we can advise on are:

Share Incentive Scheme

Share Incentive Schemes & Share Options

Setting up a share incentive scheme, and/or granting key employees share options, so that your employees can acquire a stake in your business, should have multiple benefits.

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Trusts & Estates Tax Planning

The following are some examples of tax planning, which illustrate just a few of the many ways in which tax can be saved if you get the right advice on trusts and estates at the appropriate time:



VAT is perhaps the most expensive tax to get wrong, but if you engage us we will help you to get it right, every time.