Why Outsource?

SMH Chartered Accountants have been administering our clients Payroll since 1995, so companies like yours can be confident in our abilities and experience.

By outsourcing to us your business could benefit from the following:

  • Cost savings on both wages & software
  • Professional payroll expertise
  • Reduced risk through PAYE/HR compliance
  • Improved audit trails

Moving your payroll administration to SMH Chartered Accountants means you only pay for specialists when you need them. Consequently, you cut costs whilst enhancing the process.

Need more reasons?

  • We offer CIS services
  • Guaranteed turnaround within 24 hrs
  • We ensure that you have the correct documentation in place for any HMRC inspection
  • We offer online filing of in year and end of year forms
  • We are registered with the HMRC and Government Gateway’s online PAYE services
  • You can choose by which method you wish to transmit and receive your payroll information – fax, email, telephone or post
  • All reports and payslips are sent out by first class post
  • We get it right on time the first time!
  • We ensure that you claim all that you are entitled to


About Us

SMH Chartered Accountants provides a comprehensive and flexible UK payroll service solution which is fully scale-able for small, medium and large organisations. Our service is bespoke, highly flexible and tailored to meet your individual requirements.

We are dedicated specialists, so you can confidently concentrate on your core business activities, knowing that we are looking after your payroll.

Our payroll services are extensive but include:

  • Checking integrity and validation of payroll data
  • Payroll processing and management
  • Dedicated employee payroll helplines and online facilities
  • Monitoring statutory compliance

We only use the most up-to-date payroll software applications and our security measures are continuously monitored and evaluated to provide our clients with the confidence that their data is secure and protected.

We are very proud of our in-house expertise, which enables us to fully manage the delivery of payroll, whilst remaining fully transparent and accountable to our client organisations.

Our flexible approach & first rate service delivery makes us a trusted partner for our clients.