Auto Enrolment

At SMH Chartered Accountants, our expert staff understand the how important it is to get your Auto Enrolment responsibilities right first time.

Every company with employees is now required to establish a pension scheme that meets the requirements of Auto Enrolment. There are three categories of workers: eligible jobholders; non-eligible jobholders; and entitled workers and when you supply your payroll data, SMH can provide a report to see which category your staff fall in to. 

Whether your employees work full time or part time, your duty as an employer is to enroll your employees into a workplace pension scheme if they: 

  • Work in the UK 
  • Are not already in a suitable workplace pension scheme 
  • Are at least 22 years old but under state retirement age 
  • Earn £10,000 or more a year 

Sutton McGrath Hartley can assist with setting up the Auto Enrolment requirements by helping you; 

  • Establish a scheme that meets all legal requirements  
  • Ensure your payroll is fully compliant   
  • Avoid costly fines for non- compliance  
  • Reduce your company’s tax liabilities. 

For more information, please get in touch today and we can make you aware of your extra obligations and liabilities. SMH can also assist you in nearly all aspects of your payroll, please fill out our online form to receive a competitive quote or give our experts a call today on 01142664432 or email [email protected]