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Want your business to grow and be profitable? You must have control of it. 

And you can’t have financial control of your business without a financial reporting system. 

At SMH Chartered Accountants, the most successful businesses we represent all have highly regarded financial reporting systems and bookkeeping in place. 

We support our clients across all areas of Bookkeeping, which keeps the business organised and financial records up to date.

We can help you review and improve your existing management accounts systems or design and implement a completely new one.. 

We will work with your in-house accounts staff to ascertain what is required and provide training wherever necessary.

The end result will be a management accounts information system that gives you exactly the financial information you need to improve control and make the important decisions that will benefit your business.

So, if you need to find a bookkeeper near you – look no further than SMH Group. Contact our accounting and bookkeeping experts today for a free consultation. 

Why Choose SMH Group for Your Bookkeeping?

Need an experienced bookkeeper near you? Look no further than SMH Group.

Among our many accountancy and financial services, one of our most popular is bookkeeping.

Below, you’ll find three great reasons why SMH Group should be your number-one pick for bookkeepers near you:


  • Unrivalled Bookkeeping Experience

SMH Group is a collection of world-class chartered accountants located across Yorkshire and the Midlands with hundreds of years of combined experience.

And in this time, we’ve helped hundreds of big and small businesses with their bookkeeping. 

We know better than anyone that experience and a good track record are irreplaceable for bookkeeping.

With the ability to pinpoint opportunities to maximise profits, you need someone you can trust to implement the right bookkeeping system for you and your business.

As your trusted local bookkeeper, we are well placed to help deliver all your bookkeeping needs thanks to a 120-strong team of highly qualified accountants.

But don’t just take our word for it:

From major PLCs to Premier League footballers, you can learn more about all our good work from our clients on the testimonials page. 


  • Bookkeepers Near You That You Can Trust

Trust is a huge part of accountancy, and this is especially true for bookkeeping.

After all, you’re putting considerable faith in an accountant or bookkeeping firm to manage or implement a financial recording system that works for you.

Alongside our vast experience, our SMH chartered accountants are experts on all things bookkeeping. 

As part of the ICAEW, ACCA, and Chartered Insurance Institute, SMH Group chartered accountants are highly qualified and held to the highest ethics standards possible.

This way, you can feel confident that each of our chartered accountants will deliver the best bookkeeping possible to help maximise your profits. 


  • Huge Team of Expert Bookkeepers Near You

As one of the largest accountancy firms in Yorkshire and the Midlands, SMH Group has unrivalled coverage of the region, placing plenty of local and expert bookkeepers near you.  

From Sheffield and Leeds to Buxton and Wakefield, SMH Group is a collection of some of the most decorated accountancy firms in the UK. 

Our founding member, Sutton McGrath Hartley, has been bookkeeping in Sheffield and Chesterfield for over 25 years.

Since then, the firm acquired industry veterans like Bullock Woodburn, Andertons Liversidge, Haywood & Co, Jolliffe Cork, Malcolm J Harris, BCL Accountants, and D’Arcy Howard & Co – forming the SMH Group.

We now have over 120 financial experts covering every aspect of accountancy, including bookkeeping. 

This means we’re uniquely positioned to answer and solve all your bookkeeping needs – no matter the difficulty. 


Finding the Best Local Bookkeepers Near You

Need help finding the best bookkeepers near you?

If you’re searching from Yorkshire or the Midlands, SMH Group is the perfect bookkeeping firm for you.

We have 7 offices across the region, the details for each you can find below.

Bookkeeper Sheffield 

For bookkeepers in Sheffield, be sure to contact Sutton McGrath Hartley.

As the founding company of the SMH Group, Sutton McGrath Hartley has offered world-class bookkeeping services since 1995.

You can find our Sheffield office on Sharrow Vale Road. 

Be sure to contact our bookkeeping expert Mark Bardwell ACA, our go-to for cloud accounting in Sheffield and Wakefield, for bookkeeping enquiries. 

Or reach out to our Sheffield office by calling 0114 266 4432 and organise your free consultation. 


Bookkeeper Chesterfield 

For the best bookkeepers in Chesterfield, you can once again contact our founding member, Sutton McGrath Hartley.

Our Chesterfield office is located in Saltergate S40, and you can call 01246 277266 for a free consultation. 

Or reach out to our Managing Partner James Hartley FCCA, ACA and Jonathon Dickens ACA at 


Bookkeeper Leeds

Need a bookkeeper in Leeds? Look no further than SMH BCL Accountants – an independent firm of Chartered Accountants in Leeds. 

Although boasting over 40 years of bookkeeping experience, BCL joined the SMH Group ranks in 2022.

If you need bookkeeping specialists in the Licensed trade, engineering and building trades – SMH BCL Accountants is the perfect choice.

The world-class independent chartered accountant firm SMH D’Arcy Howard & Co. also operates from our Leeds office after joining the Group in 2023.

You can find our Leeds office in Pavilion Business Park in Lower Wortley. 

Reach out for a free consultation on 0113 242 4677 or contact our Leeds partner, Stacey Pocklington ACA, at


Bookkeeper Buxton

Those looking for bookkeepers in Buxton are spoiled for choice with two world-class Buxton bookkeepers part of the SMH Group.

SMH BullockWoodburn is one of the oldest accountancy firms in Derbyshire, tracing its roots back all the way to 1882.

They joined the SMH Group in 2018 and have expert bookkeeping experience in farming, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, and charity sectors.

Meanwhile, SMH Malcolm J Harris also operates from our Buxton office since joining in 2022.

You can find the SMH Group Buxton office at Norfolk House in Hardwick Square North. 

Call 01298 22108 for a free consultation or contact Buxton partner Ross Jordan FCCA at


Bookkeeper Rotherham

We have two esteemed bookkeepers in Rotherham operating from the SMH Group office. 

SMH Haywood & Co is a regional accountancy practice established back in 1961.

Boasting over 62 years of bookkeeping experience, they joined the SMH Group in 2019 and specialise in a wide range of sectors, including:

  • Medical & Dental
  • Legal & Financial
  • Care Homes
  • Property & Construction
  • Subcontractors
  • Manufacturing
  • Agricultural
  • Information Technology
  • Motor Trade
  • Charities
  • Restaurants & Catering
  • Leisure & Retailing

SMH Andertons Liversidge is equally expert in bookkeeping, dating its proud history all the way back to 1901!

They joined SMH Group in 2019 and service clients across multiple industries and business structures.

You can find both SMH Haywood & Co and SMH Andertons Liversidge at our Rotherham office on Mansfield Road.

Call 01709 377909 for a free consultation or reach out to our Rotherham partner Sharon Webb FCCA at


Bookkeeper Harrogate

SMH Howard Matthews is also here for all bookkeeping in Harrogate.

Established in 1985, the firm became part of the SMH Group following a merger in December 2023.

You can find unrivalled bookkeeping support in Harrogate with SMH Howard Matthews.

You can find our Harrogate office in Queensgate House, 23 North Park Road.

Reach out for a free consultation on 01423 524322 or contact


Bookkeeper Garforth

SMH Howard Matthews is also here for all bookkeeping in Garforth.

Offering the exact same expertise you’d expect at our Harrogate office, you can find unrivalled bookkeeping support in Garforth with SMH Howard Matthews

You can find our Garforth office at Lidgett House, 56 Lidgett Lane.

Reach out for a free consultation on 0113 286 2663 or contact


Bookkeeper Wakefield

For all your bookkeeping in Wakefield, be sure to contact SMH Jolliffe Cork today.

As one of the biggest regional accountancy practices in West Yorkshire, Jolliffe Cork has been helping businesses with bookkeeping since 1951.

They joined the SMH Group back in 2021 and have since supported businesses of every size with all their bookkeeping needs.

You can reach out to SMH Jollifee Cork, located on George Street in Wakefield, by calling 01924 376045 for a free consultation.

Or contact our Wakefield director Mark Bardwell ACA at 


What’s Included in Bookkeeping UK?

A bookkeeper is someone who keeps a business’s financial records up-to-date.

The main duties you can expect our bookkeepers to do include:

  • Data entry – Bookkeepers record day-to-day financial transactions.
  • Monthly financial reports – They summarise day-to-day financial transactions in monthly reports to help businesses understand their performance.
  • Bank reconciliation – Bookkeepers will cross-reference a business’s books against bank statements to confirm their accuracy. 
  • Payroll – Some bookkeepers will help with payroll by calculating pay and deductions, like taxes.
  • Tax filing – Some bookkeepers can prepare tax returns on behalf of their company. 
  • Accounts receivable – Bookkeepers can create and send invoices for your business and follow up to ensure they’re paid. 
  • Accounts payable – If your company has outstanding invoices from suppliers, a bookkeeper can ensure they’re accurate and paid on time. 


When Do You Need a Bookkeeper? 

If you don’t have the time to maintain an accurate financial record, you’ll need a bookkeeper.

Using a bookkeeper can help save hundreds of hours per year and allow you to focus solely on your business’s daily running.

The information bookkeepers collect can be invaluable and lets you pinpoint opportunities to boost your profitability.

Other benefits include ensuring invoices are paid on time, and all tax filings are correct. 


What Types of Bookkeeping Are Available?

There are two main types of bookkeeping that are suited to different business sizes.

Single-entry bookkeeping is the most basic form of bookkeeping and is best suited to small businesses. 

It records all financial transactions in one row and is best for tracking cash, taxable income, and tax-deductible expenses. 

Double-entry bookkeeping records every financial transaction at least twice and is used to reflect more complex business transactions. 

If you need some help deciding which bookkeeping method is right for you and your business, be sure to contact your local SMH Group bookkeeper.


Do You Offer Bookkeeping for Small Businesses? 

Yes, bookkeeping for small businesses is a speciality at SMH Group, and we have plenty of experience helping smaller companies with all their bookkeeping needs.

If you need some advice for bookkeeping for small businesses, check out our starter guide with 11 must-read tips. 


Bookkeeping vs Accounting: What’s the Difference?

Essentially, bookkeeping is the first part of the accounting process. In other words, the work of a bookkeeper and an accountant usually overlap. 

Bookkeepers generally focus more on administrative tasks like recording transactions. 

Accountants are better at helping businesses understand their performance by interpreting the work of a bookkeeper.

You can learn more about what is a chartered accountant in our detailed guide.