Academy Schools

Accounting For Academy Schools

At SMH Chartered Accountants, our Academy School experts can assist schools with all their accounting requirements.

Whether you are just starting out on the academy conversion process, or have already converted and are considering a change of accountants please give us a call. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your accountancy requirements, either over the telephone or at a free consultation, and to provide you with a competitive quote.

If you would like to do some more research before making an appointment, please see the links on the right for some guidance on the issues you will need to consider, and some of the ways in which we can help.

Academy School services provided by SMH

SMH Chartered Accountants can advise you in detail on all the issues discussed above, and our range of Academy services also includes:

  • Annual accounts preparation, including advice and guidance on interpretation to the Trustees
  • Statutory Audit
  • Guidance on establishing appropriate financial management and reporting procedures for your Academy, including control systems, internal audit and risk management procedures
  • Supplementary specialist audits – e.g. for pensions schemes
  • Assistance with implementation and monitoring your budgeting and financial forecasting system
  • Advising you on suitable accounting software options
  • Tax planning advice and assistance with compliance issues (all taxes)
  • Investment and pension advice
  • Technical support for the Chief Financial and Accounting officers

We offer a Partner led approach, supported by specialist Academy School experts.